Sunday, August 7, 2011

idea injection #2

While traveling through Selethra you may encounter one of the many debilitating effects that can be inflicted apoun you.

Status alignments
Action freeze: Cannot perform melee abilities.
Silence: Cannot use magi spells.
Slow: Movement speed is reduced.
Disarmed: Weapon is unusable for an amount of time.
Fractured armor: Physical defenses are reduced based on your armor.
Sleep: Asleep and cannot attack damage will break the sleep effect.
Frightened: Run in terror from your target cannot cast spells or use melee abilities while running in terror.
Attack down: Your attack power is reduced for an amount of time.
Magi power down: Your magi power is reduced for an amount of time.
Stunned: Cannot move, attack, or use spells.
Dazed:  Cannot move, attack, or cast spells damage will break the daze effect.
Petrified: Cannot move, attack, or cast spells, but defenses are increased greatly a set amount of damage will break this effect.
Attribute down: An attribute is reduced for an amount of time.
Air born: Thrown into the air cannot attack, move, or cast spells and take increased damage fall damage is applied based on how far you fall when this effect wears off.
Speed down: Attack speed is reduced for an amount of time.
Tongue tied: Magi cast times are increased for an amount of time.
Itching: You are very un-comfortable and may have to stop and scratch yourself from time to time, this effect interrupts attacks, spells, or abilities if it activates.
Diseased: You are inflicted with a disease causing a status alignment or damage over time.
Poisoned: You are poisoned and are inflicted with a damage over time effect.
Cursed: You have a curse on you causing a damage over time effect, or status alignment.
Sealed: A magi school has been sealed and cannot be used; other schools outside the sealed school can still be cast.
Shattered: all of your attributes have been switched.
Frozen: Frozen solid and cannot attack, move, or cast spells damage will break this effect and some abilities or spells have increased damage against frozen targets.
Vampire: Your attacks will heal you by 10% of damage done but healing spells will cause harm to you.
Drained: Attack speed is reduced, spell cast times are increased, movement speed is reduced, HP is reduced, and ME is reduced.
Resistance down: Magi defenses are reduced

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