Monday, July 4, 2011

The dreams manifestation

 Working day and night I soon found myself working harder and harder to come up with more creative ideas. In order to keep ideas fresh I would never force them out, because it was more of a side project there where no dead lines and I could work at my own pace. Though the dream that used to occur all most every night had stopped there was a burning fire inside of me to keep going. Now as I played Final fantasy 11 and world of warcraft I found myself paying more attention to players reactions to new ideas and patches more than I payed attention to the game itself. Sadly my time was done with Final fantasy 11 I found myself sitting in towns bored and just wanting a new scene. But what Final fantasy 11 taught me was and still is not forgotten.

 About this time I was thinking why a MMORPG? Why did I have this drive to create one of the hardest styles of games? Every night I would stare at my screen wondering what could I do that would surpass World of warcraft and Final fantasy 11, what is special about this planet named Selethra that a random dream named? Yes I have developed classes that each have their own unique style, but that was only one piece to the puzzle. On one hand I have about 6 classes so far being created and on the other a empty world that only had a name. My mind was riddled this questions I could not answer. Still the motivation was not clear why a MMORPG I asked myself this so many times that my brain could explode. Then as the game went on a small break I was sitting in class listening to class mates talk about MMORPGs and their ideas where just world of warcraft with small differences. "You hit the max level and grind dungeons." "Raid bosses that blow up chunks of the arena." as I listened a answer finally hit me. Fun, I want to make a MMORPG that was fun, a game where people would come home and smile as they logged in. A game where you never got left out of the loop if you where not the most skilled player. A game that did not sacrifice enjoyable cut scenes and deep storyline quests for game play that only revolved around dungeons. I don't have money on the mind I just want to make a game that is fun and brings smiles to players faces.

 And this is where I stand, some 4 years and the tiny document that was just a fun idea is now a folder with over 14 class ideas, story lines, combat ideas, race ideas, and the key design goal "Fun". The list goes on and on and grows even as I type this. A dream that was once a unclear motive manifested into a game concept that I feel has the potential to become one of the great MMORPGs of it's time. Selethra a world created within a dream and a dream that someday will not be something that comes while I sleep.

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