Monday, June 27, 2011

Dreaming of a dream

 As you all know from my first post I am a college student working on a degree in game design. But that's as far as I have ever went. I have given you little info on why I want to make video games in general and ultimately a MMORPG.

 Well it started a long time ago back when I was able to pick up a controller I always found myself fascinated with video games. I would play them for long periods of times, but I would catch myself really looking too deep into them. I was more than a young boy who wanted to play them I would sit up at night and ask my parents and brother how they where made always being answered with a shrug. Once I was able to play on the family computer I would find myself drawing board games and little critters and send them to toy companies. Now as you may know they where sent back (gimme a break I was 10 and had no idea how they came to be.). As I grew older I found free platforms of game creations my main focus was the RPG maker. I would spend months on a game then get excited when I watched my friends play them. The more I created on RPG maker the more I felt trapped by the limited creativeness it allowed. This was just the starting step of my journey.

 I was around 18 years old when something smacked me, I can recall it like it was yesterday. I was playing final fantasy 11 walking around on my warrior in the dunes and I saw a summoner call out ifrit. I thought to myself wouldn't it be cool if that taru could combine himself with ifrit and take on his characteristics? I wrote this down and thought nothing of it. The idea stayed in a word document for about 2 months. At this time I was starting to play world of warcraft and was having a good time. I was amazed by the druid class and it's shape shifting abilities. But ultimately I found my self thinking of other shape shifts it could perform. Finally the word document was opened again and was soon filled with over 75 abilities and spells. I got on Final fantasy 11 and started pitching my ideas to friends as was excited to see that this class sounded fun to a lot of my friends. Spirit fuser was born and I found my self opening up a side project next to my other game scripts I have written.

 I hit a hard point in my life and found my self jobless and getting no where. I would fall asleep dreaming of this world but in this dream that would return night after night I could never touch it. I would see a group of people in a conference room talking about this nameless game. Eventually I got my self together and found a college that offered a degree in game design I was filled with excitement. As I learned more I found this side project filling up more and more with ideas and even crappy concept doodles I would make in classes that bored me. Once again the dream returned and I found my self in that same room with the same people, then out of no where one of the people muttered the word Selethra. I woke up and wrote down this word as best as I could spell it. What was to become of this word and what did it trigger?


  1. I have some comments for ya.

    My # 1 issue with MMO's today is that every MMO seems to try and make you, the individual player, the nameless hero of tomorrow. I think this is retarded and absolutely destroys the concept of an MMO completely and utterly. I think along the lines of the story of an MMO, Final Fantasy XI did the best job and creating their main arch stories. The player, at the most, happened to be in the right place at the right (or wrong) time. You are practically drawn into the adventure, not because you sought after it, but because you just happened to be there. Chains of Promethia was a great example. I had not even set up my promethia expansion for a year and a half with XI, and when I did and zoned into the tower, something I had done hundreds of times before, suddenly I was caught in the middle of a group of knights storming the tower. They didn't call out to seek my help as the great savior. Quite the opposite, they told me to get out of the way, as it was official business of the knights and to stay out of it. I mean, what a way to start an adventure!

    At any rate, my screen name is (most of the time) Metal Smith. I have my own ideas on different aspects of an MMO I might be sharing an alla soon, if only for feedback.

  2. Thank you for the feedback. I viewed both this and your post on zam and have to say you have a creative mind (the good kind). I liked a lot of the ideas you brought up some of which work with the ideas for this MMO. Again thank you for the feeback and the blog is going to transition a bit. People have sent messages about wanting to know more about me and my dream. After I finish this introduction section up the game world Selethra will be talked about next and start to become more in focus.