Saturday, June 11, 2011

MMO's today

(WARNING WALL OF TEXT POST)   Hello nice to meet you reader. I am a student at a community college studying video game development and design. Ultimately I some day wish to achieve my dream of creating my own company and launching a MMORPG. I have been in school now for a few years and now have decided to create a blog to share the ideas of my dream. Now from reading the intro or when I tell most people about my dream I usually get "that's a stupid idea everyone wants to make a MMORPG now and days." I agree alot with this comment and don't take it to heart. The idea of another MMORPG just sounds stupid with games like WoW,Rift, and FFXI out there and they have done alot. I have played them all and really have no favorite each one has its own unique gameplay and are fun in their own rights. But as I have played MMO's I see alot that could be better. Where some are built for hardcore others built for casual. You then can break them down even further to story based, PvP, content, ect. one thing I wish to achieve in my design idea is a MMORPG that's takes all of these qualities and combines them to make a great game that is just plain fun. That is another flaw that I feel development teams neglect is the fun rateing. It's no mystery that game developers always use ideas from previous games and other games and put their own spin to it. I'm not saying "I have the best ideas ever and will crush the other games." that's not my goal. As I write this blog I want you to know I do not want to create games for money, but I want to create them for the sake of giving people something to sit down and enjoy. So over the course of this blog I will share my ideas for my MMORPG with you and hope to get feedback on how fun it sounds and if I'm on the right track with my ideas. I started creating the idea and concept of the game back when I was 18 and I am now 24 so a lot of thought has been put into this game, but non the less I accept criticism and welcome it. Tomorrow I will post about the game world and the basic out lay of how the game will look/feel. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

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