Thursday, June 16, 2011

Character progresstion I.E. leveling up

Last time I posted I gave you an idea of the world the game will take place in I'm now going to share the ideas behind leveling up. There will be three levels your character can raise class level, character level, weapon level. Each will have a defined purpose and will let you add a little more to your own unique play style.
Class level
This of course will be the primary level of your character class levels will raise your attributes, give you more skills and spells, and increase your over all combat capabilities. Exp for class level will be earned by winning battles, completing quests, and participating in pvp. Raising this level will also grant you augment slots (will be discussed in a later post but for now see them as a talent tree system).
Character level
Your character level will have a lesser effect on your over all combat but will award you with minor traits linked to your race. Some spells and abilities will also use your character level as a damage modifier to give it a more defined purpose. You will be given Exp in the same manor as your class level but at a lesser rate since your character level will be capped at a lower level for example if the max level is 70 your character level would cap at 30. The traits this level allows will be smaller things that are linked to your race and some traits will add a attribute bonus based on your races attribute growth rank.
Weapon level
This as its suggest is the level you have in your weapon. Weapon levels will determine how well your character can use a weapon. Also gaining levels in a weapon will unlock unique abilities to that weapon called weapon powers. You will also gain several combat stances as you level up a weapon. Though quests and pvp won't award weapon exp the rate at which it is gained will not alter based on the level of the weapon. Example being your the max level and you just maxed out your sword but your great sword level is still level one, you will be able to go out and fight monsters of high levels and still gain a high amount of exp for that weapon. Weapon levels will be capped at the same level as your class level.

Leveling is not something I feel should be a burden in a game online or offline you won't be handed the max level on a gold plate, but leveling will be a fun and rewarding experience and I capitalize on the word "FUN". I don't want leveling to be grindy but I don't want it to be toooo easy so a good balance will be needed and is still in the works. Well I hope you enjoyed this segment next post will be about the combat system.

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