Sunday, June 12, 2011

A world in the makeing.

Well I have done my introduction post so lets get down to the game world of my MMORPG. The world is named Selethra, I like it and alot of my friends think its a good name as well rolls off your tounge easy and is catchy. Though at first the glance it seems to be a normal planet Selethra has multiple deeper layers known as the realms. The outter most and the area most of the races call home is the earthen realm. This realm resembles your normal world there are forests,deserts,oceans, and tundras all over it, and it is the most inhabited realm. But as you look closer the earthen realm is mirriored by other realms. The most common realm known to the people of Selethra is the dream realm. Hazy and misty looking the dream realm is an exact copy of the earthen realm but dangers of the mind and dream world reside here. creatures created by the minds of Selethra roam freely here and do not favor out siders. But a land where your mind is powerful comes with benefits. You can use your thoughts to help fight off the creatures that live within the dream realm. I would like to go into detail about all of the realms but there are many and it would make this post waaay to long. Other known realms are the Chaos realm, the shattered realm, the elemental planes, and hundreads of unexplored realms. It is not known what caused the planet to form these realms even the Felardre the eldest race of Selethra know very little about what happened. All that is known is Selethra was once a single world, but due to some event it was split into the many realms. There is an elite team of Felardre known as the realm gaurdians that roam the realms over seeing them but they are not known to the common people of Selethra. With that small insight to the composure of the world I want to share the Technalogical progresstion of Selethra. Mid-evil armor and weapons are still the choice of the people, but advanced technology is present just not commonly used. Some of the races see technology as taboo and shouldn't be used while others use it to aid their people. Common ground has been found over the years and technology co-exsists with the people and it is a persons choice to use it or not. I chosse this because i feel haveing technology present will allow for some fun creature and weapon designs (LAZER SWORDS!!!!!!) haha well it's an idea. With that said I am going to end this post I wanted to get a general idea out about how the game world will feel and be presented and in later posts will go more in depth about specicfic areas of Selehtra. I hope you enjoyed this and I leave you now with some story I wrote about a major presence on Selethra.

The Realm Guardians

          Realm guardians are an elite force of Selethra that patrols the different realms. They bare no resemblance to the races of Selethra, and move freely and unseen threw out the planet and its realms. Normally one would have to gain access to a different realm from an authority figure or a realm specialist. But sometimes there are those who use magi to break these laws and have nothing but foul deeds on their minds. Some attempt to corrupt a realm others try to destroy them. It is the realm guardian’s job to protect the realms and maintain the laws of the realms and realm travel. No one knows how they came to be or how to become a realm guardian but their power is undeniable. They have the ability to bend the fabrics that hold the realms together and conjure powerful magi that bares no element. On top of their power to wield such power they have super-human strength and stamina. Few have seen the realm guardians they are only described as humanoid figures that dawn a long dark green cloak with a strange symbol on the back. And they seem to carry rune inscribed weapons with them each differing. This is the base of a theory showing that each realm guardian has a favorite weapon. It is also said that they have the power to shift from realm to realm at will and with mind blowing speeds. With this being said citizens wonder why they are not seen in the earthen realm of Selethra more often. Because of the rare appearances the realm guardians are usually bought as rumors or tales to keep citizens to obey the laws of the realms.

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